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Communicable Diseases Contingency Plan


Instances of communicable diseases are, thankfully, rare in the University; however it is essential that we can respond quickly should any instances occur. The University has therefore prepared a Communicable Diseases Plan​. 


Among the most serious communicable diseases against which we must prepare is meningitis. It is recommended that all staff and students familiarise themselves with the symptoms and actions to be taken regarding this disease in particular. Information on symptoms and prevention can be found at https://www.meningitisnow.org

Governance & Compliance currently has responsibility for overseeing the maintenance of the contingency plan and for maintaining this intranet site. We do not, however, have the medical expertise to answer specific queries on the plan other than for administrative purposes.


 For further information please contact:


Maureen Masson, Governance Officer (Risk & Governance)

Governance Services, Room 5.B.18, Sighthill Campus