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Face to face health and safety training


For a listing of all scheduled Health & Safety Training events please visit the home page of the staff intranet and use the "filter by" option in the Learning Events section. Details of all courses are also available on HR Connect.


There is a suite of health and safety eLearning courses available through Essential Skillz (Apps Anywhere/Essential Skillz)


Event booking:

All bookings need to be made through HR Connect employee self serve. If you are unsure of how to do this, please refer to the Quick Guide or the User Guide. These are available to help you book on a course, cancel your place on an event or add yourself to a waiting list.

If you do not have access to HR Connect please email the Health & Safety Office​


Course descriptors for Health & Safety in-house training courses

 IOSH Managing Safely (4 days)


(Accredited by the Institute of Occupational Safety & Health)

Managing Safely is a four day course and is designed to give thorough training in the introduction of health and safety for Supervisors and Managers, plus anyone with School/Service health and safety responsibilities.

This course aims to cover safety management systems with regards to how safety management links with other aspects of management, legal requirements and the social environment.

An IOSH Certificate is awarded on successful completion of the course


Participants will cover the following topics: 

  • Introduction
  • Assessing risks
  • Controlling risks
  • Understanding your responsibilities
  • Identifying hazards
  • Investigating accidents and incidents
  • Measuring performance 


IOSH Working Safely (1 Day)

(Accredited by the Institute of Occupational Safety & Health)

A safety information course designed to provide basic guidance and training in safety issues relating to the workplace.

An IOSH certificate is awarded on successful completion of the course


Participants will cover the following topics: 

  • Introduction
  • Defining hazards and risk
  • Identifying common hazards
  • Improving safety performance
  • Protecting the environment


Risk Assessment Workshop 


This workshop is aimed at staff who are required to carry out Risk Assessments in compliance with the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (amended 1999). The course includes a practical workshop.


Participants will cover the following topics: 

  • Identify hazards
  • Assess risks
  • Risk assessment process
  • Implement appropriate control measures


Manual Handling Workshop  (Practical session**)


**Participants will be required to complete the Essential Skillz eLearning Manual Handling module before attending the practical session.**

This session will provide you with the knowledge and understanding to help reduce the risk of injury through manual handling activities. This course is designed to provide training for all personnel, not just those who lift heavy loads.  Whether you sit at a desk, use a computer, or even pick up a piece of paper off the floor, at some point you will be moving your body in an awkward way.

Health and Safety in Manual Handling looks at how we can reduce the risk of injury to ourselves and others by addressing issues such as: how to look after our back, muscles and joints; how to make our home and workplace safer; and how to solve handling and moving problems in the home and work place.



Contract Administrator Training

Any member of staff who brings contractors onto University premises is deemed to be a Contract Administrator (see definitions below).
It is now a mandatory requirement that the University provides all Contract Administrators with suitable and sufficient training to ensure that they are competent to successfully manage contractors and follow the University's agreed policy regarding the Control of Contractors.
A "Contractor" is defined as a company or person who has a contractual agreement with the University to carry out work or provide a service on the University's behalf. The “Contract Administrator” is a member of staff in the School/Service of Edinburgh Napier University who initiates the contract.
Participants will cover the following topics and issues:
  • Reasons behind controlling contractors
  • Code of Practice
  • Issuing and communicating notices
  • Presentation for contractors
  • Using the control of contractor induction form
  • Recording and completion of forms
  • Question and Answer Forum