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What is a spin-out company?

A spinout is a vehicle for impact. It is a new company incorporated to exploit University owned IP and the associated IP Rights (IPR). Normally this is done with disruptive innovation to create a new market or because the technology is able to create multiple products. Creating a spin-out typically involves:

  • 3. spin out business 300.jpgincorporation by the University
  • rights to the University IP
  • external investment (can be via shareholder arrangement or other)having the right team on board -both technically and commercially
  • having a product/service with a broad range of applications

Successful exploitation of the IP provides a financial return to both business and the University and the local economy through spin-out company creation.

A spin-out is considered HIGH IMPACT.

Get in touch!

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Pursuing a spin out opportunity can only be approved via the Innovation Panel Process. Please contact your Business Development Relationship Manager (BDRM)​ to progress.

Further guidance 

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For additional spin-out definition, please review the UK Government’s definition​.

To read more about the success of spin-outs in the UK and why they are important to our national economy – please review the following publications:

Further commercialisation guidance information:


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