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Edinburgh Napier University strives to make a positive impact through our research and our knowledge. One important aspect of that impact, is ​our ability to move research results from the research base into new or improved products and services in the marketplace, via knowledge exchange activities. Our success in translating research results into practice both accelerates the beneficial aspects of our research and has a major positive impact on our economy. 

What is commercialisation?

money.jpgCommercialisation is the process by which a new product or service, created because of our Edinburgh Napier research, is introduced into the general market, generating an impact as a result.

Commercialisation of research provides new products and services that can be used to solve some of life’s most pressing problems, as well as making incremental improvements to the quality of life for people and business effectiveness across a wide variety of domains.

Commercialising an idea involves commercially developing Intellectual Property (IP) that has been created through research, with the goal of creating successful commercial outcomes. Normally, this involves 3 options: 

  1. ​Collaborative research
  2. Licensing to a third party
  3. Creating a spinout business

Choosing the right commercial route for IP arising from our research is a fundamental step in any commercialisation journey, and is normally strategically thought out and planned for so that we generate the biggest impact.

Put simply, commercialisation is a type of research impact.


What is research impact?

Impact from research is when:

  • Your research makes a difference to someone or something
  • Your research leads to a change, effect or benefit

Impact Journey graph Nov2022.png 
 Routes to Impact graph Nov2022.png

Get in touch!

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You must engage with the Business Engagement and Innovation Team​ within the Research, Innovation and Enterprise Office to advance your idea, IP and to discuss the most appropriate commercialisation route (further research, licensing or spin-out).

The aim of this team is to facilitate an IMPACT from your research for the University and for the economy and wider society.

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