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​Comm​ercialisation Process 

How do I commercialise my idea?

The Research, Innovation and Enterprise (RIE) office manage and support the development of ideas that you have either come up with in a personal capacity or ones you develop as part of your academic tenure. 

When the University owns the intellectual property (IP)

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f you have an enterprising idea that is derived from your academic research, was developed either at the University or via previous employment or and which you want to commercialise as part of your tenure at the University, then you must contact the Business Engagement & Innovation Team to progress:

You will be supported in choosing the most appropriate commercial route:

  1. Collaborative research – if this option is selected, you must follow normal University procedures related to external funding. Please refer to External Funding.
  2. Licensing to a third party and,
  3. Creating a spinout  - these options can only be approved via the Innovation Panel Process ​- established to develop University IP, evolving it from idea to impact.


When you own your intellectual property (IP)

If you have an enterprising idea for a new business that is not related to your employment at the University, was not derived from University research but which you wish to develop, you should contact the entrepreneurial support team, Bright Red Triangle.

speaker black.jpgNot sure of your IP status? 

  • ​As per our IP policy​, Edinburgh Napier University, under UK legislation, is the automatically assumed owner of all IP created or developed by employees of the University or anyone conducting work for the University during the course of their normal contractual duties or as a result of a task assigned by the University. IP created whilst in receipt of University funds or other resource and work by any postgraduate research (PsGR) student during the course of their studies is also owned by the University.
  • ​IP generated solely by undergraduate (UG) or taught postgraduate (TPG) students during their studies remains the property of the student. Where there is joint ownership of the IP with an employee of the University, such students will be asked to assign IP to the University and be offered revenue-sharing arrangements.
  • Ownership of IP which is introduced or created as  a  result  of  an  externally  funded project, of  any type, is  bound  by  the  specific  conditions contained within  the  corresponding agreement. 

Further information

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