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What is Vitae’s Researcher Development Framework online planner?

Vitae developed their Researcher Development Framework (RDF) a number of years ago based on research evidence that identified the skills, behaviours and competencies needed for a successful research career. The framework can be used as a development tool to reflect on your skills from research degree level all the way through to professorship level. The online planner allows you a central place to keep track of your development and you can use the planner to:

  • Identify your expertise and capabilities
  • Focus your training effort where it is needed most
  • Record and showcase your achievements
  • Monitor your progress
  • Use it in your research degree progress reviews with your supervisory team
  • Plan your career

Why should I use the online planner?

During your research degree here at Edinburgh Napier you will be developing lots of new skills and knowledge. The online planner helps you identify areas you might want to focus on for development, helps you recognise the progress you have already made, and helps you reflect on your career plans. It can also help you keep track of your development and career plans for discussion with your supervisory team. Each of your formal research degree review meetings should have time set aside to discuss your broader development during your degree, and the university has invested in the planner to help facilitate those conversations. We have also added information on training events and resources within Edinburgh Napier as they map against the framework, helping you identify relevant sources of support for your development needs.


Where can I find the online planner?

Research degree students have access through our institutional licence, and you should have recently received an email with a link to register. After registering you can access the planner here: https://rdfplanner.vitae.ac.uk. If you have any questions about the registration process please let me know.


How can I find out more about the planner?

There is a short video here on what the planner is, and once you have registered there is more guidance within the planner to help you get started with using it. More information about the framework and planner is also available on Vitae’s website.