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Online Resources

Invest time in your future career - our flexible and easy to use Research Skills online courses will help give you a head start as a research degree student or Early Career Researcher. The courses will:

  • Improve your future employability
  • Help support your current research work

The courses are hosted in our Moodle Community server – email RIOevents@napier.ac.uk for a self-enrolment key to get you started.


The Research Skills Master Programme contains 18 modules starting with an introductory module which helps you assess your training needs. You can then work through the other modules in a flexible way, using the resources most relevant to your interests.

  • Introduction to the Research Skills Master Programme
  • Intellectual Property in the Research Context
  • Getting Published in the Arts
  • Getting Published in the Sciences
  • Ethics 1: Good Research Practice
  • Ethics 2: Research with Humans in the Health and Social Sciences
  • Managing Your Research Project
  • Career Planning in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Career Planning in the Sciences
  • Working with Your Supervisor
  • Conferences, Presenting and Networking
  • Research Methods in the Arts and Humanities
  • Research Methods in the Social Sciences
  • Research Methods in the Sciences
  • Research Methods in Literature Review
  • Academic Entrepreneurship: An Introduction
  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities: Recognition and Evaluation
  • Entrepreneurial Resources: People, Teams and Finance