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Thesis templates


Latex template


Niaz Gharavi and Faqhrul Islam from the School of Engineering and the Built Environment have created a thesis template using the programme LaTeX.


LaTeX is a document preparation system for producing professional-looking documents. It is particularly suited to producing long, structured documents, and is very good at typesetting equations. The software is free for most operating systems.


LaTeX is used all over the world for scientific documents, books, as well as many other forms of publishing. Not only can it create beautiful typesetted documents, but it allows users to very quickly tackle the more complicated parts of typesetting, such as inputting mathematics, creating tables of contents, referencing and creating bibliographies, and having a consistent layout across all sections.


One of the most important reasons people use LaTeX is that it separates the content of your document from the style. This means that once you have written the content of your document, its appearance can be changed with ease to fit a variety of pre-made templates. These templates have a pre-made layout meaning only the content needs to be added. In this case the authors have created a template for writing theses, however it can also be used for journal publications.


The template can be downloaded below and includes an associated user guide which provides more information on LaTeX, including how to download it to your computer.




Microsoft word thesis template for research students


Frances Ryan in the School of Computing has created a standardised Thesis template for research degree students.


The template is a good example of how to layout and structure a thesis, and can be downloaded below.


Please note that you should discuss the eventual structure and content of your thesis with your supervisor, and this template may not apply to all theses.