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Paperwork for staff


In order for the Examinations to run successfully for all students, we require the following documents and information to be collected and submitted;


  • Examination Paper
    Examination papers should be typed in Arial 12 Font with all questions and pages numbered.


  • Examination Paper Front Cover
    Please see below for an example of the Examination Paper Front Cover and instructions explaining what information needs to go where on the front cover.  This applies for all Examinations.  The information on the front cover is particularly important as it provides students with essential instructions on completing their Examination.  The front cover must also be typed in Arial 12 Font.


 Examination Paper Front Cover.docx


 Exam Paper Front Cover Instructions.docx


  • Requisition Form and completion guidelines
    This form is used to allow the Student Administration team and the Print Room to prepare the logistics of the Examinations.  It is essential that the information provided is accurate so that Examinations can be timetabled accurately, any special instructions for students are carried out and any relevant instructions are passed on to Invigilators.  A copy of the requisition form can be found below, along with guidelines on how to complete it.


 Requisition Form​ 

 Requisition Form guidelines 


If you have any questions about the above, please email exams@napier.ac.uk