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Student Ambassadors


Edinburgh Napier University Student Ambassador scheme is managed by Student & Academic Services. The scheme has proven to be successful and beneficial to all stakeholders, including staff and students, for many years now.


Who can use Student Ambassadors?


All departments within the University can involve Student Ambassadors in assisting with various activities, such as projects, events and promotions as one off chance or on a regular basis during the whole year.


How do I employ Student Ambassadors?


Student Ambassadors are paid on a casual rate of £9.00 per hour plus holiday pay.

To email all our current Student Ambassadors please use the ‘Student Ambassador (Distribution List)’ in Outlook which we keep up-to-date, all students on this list have been trained and have completed all the necessary paperwork. If you email the list a job description or details of the job you will get the response from Student Ambassadors almost immediately. As soon as you have positive reply from desirable number of Ambassadors, please send another email to the Student Ambassadors to let them know that the position has been filled. Once the required work has been completed the students who worked will submit their timesheets to you for processing of payment on a monthly basis.

Once the required work has been completed the students who worked will submit their timesheets to you for processing of payment on a monthly basis.​​ 

A number of our student ambassadors are on Tier 4 visa.  Before working at the university all Tier 4 student have to sign a declaration form​ agreeing that they will not work over 20 hours in a 7 day period.   They also need to declare on their timesheet which you will sign if they are on a Tier 4 visa.  If you are using a student ambassador who is on a Tier 4 visa it is important that you check with them that they are not over their hours, before signing the timesheet. 

We ask all staff recruiting Student Ambassadors to manage this process themselves. If you have any questions please get in contact by emailing studentambassadors@napier.ac.uk


How do we recruit Student Ambassadors?


The recruitment process to the scheme takes place 2-3 times during the academic year in order to have in the pool abound 70 active Student Ambassadors at any one point to keep up with demand.


In order to be appointed as a Student Ambassador, Edinburgh Napier University students have to complete an application form before the closing date.


Recruitment process involves applications shortlisting and attendance of the Assessment Centre usually within the next 2-3 weeks after the closing of the recruitment period. Our Assessment Centre offers 5-6 hours on campus exercises, which include group work, presentation and interviews.


It has been specifically decided to design the Student Ambassador recruitment procedures as an imitation of a real world recruitment experience to offer our students an opportunity for a real life learning experience.


Contact us


For more information email us on studentambassadors@napier.ac.uk