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Data Protection Training

- the new General Data Protection Regulation 2016

Training session


Have you been affected by the recent TalkTalk data breach for which the ICO issued a record fine of £400k?

Did you know that next year maximum fines under the new Regulation will rise to 20Million or 4% annual global turnover?

Do you deal with any personal data in the course of your work? If so, you need to know more about the General Data Protection Regulation (the Regulation) and how it applies to your role at the University. The training is being provided to protect members of staff, the University and ultimately the individuals whose personal data we process. No-one wants to be involved in a personal data breach or information security incident!

Come to our next training session for a ‘whistle-stop’ tour of your rights and responsibilities as a member of staff.

This event provides an overview of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation and includes specific topics of interest to colleagues e.g. e-marketing, and new requirements for consent and privacy notices.

Facilitated by:
Diana Watt, Information Governance Manager
Aimi Richmond, Governance Adviser (Records Management)
Duration: 1 hour (plus an additional half hour added for those requiring CCTV training)
Provider Details: Governance Services, dataprotection@napier.ac.uk, ext. 6257


Who should attend:
All staff members are expected to attend an initial training session and a refresher session every two years.

Main description:
As every member of staff processes personal data, all staff need to know about the University’s compliance obligations and ensure they are equipped to deal with those arising in their role/area.

This event will cover the following topics:

·        The new penalty regime
·         Expanded definition of personal data (data you didn’t consider to be ‘personal’ e.g. IP addresses, may now be included, which means you need to provide appropriate security and handling measures to it)
·         Requirements to demonstrate compliance and accountability
·         Privacy by design
·         Expanded data subject rights
·         New requirements for consent and expanded privacy notices
·         What to do when sharing data
·         Reviewing all contracts where data is shared and where data is processed outside the EEA
·         How do we plan for implementation and what we can do now.

Current/topical issues will be included in these interactive sessions and there will be opportunities for Qs & As. Links to comprehensive advice and guidance and actions to follow up after a briefing session will also be provided. 

Session outcomes for participants are to:
• Be clear about their responsibilities under the new Regulation
• Recognise the practical data protection issues and risks in their area
• Know where to go for advice & guidance

Current Dates 

A number of sessions are scheduled for the coming months, you can find details and book on to a session via HR Connect http://staff.napier.ac.uk/learningevents/Pages/Default.aspx?SearchFilter=D 

Departmental Briefing Sessions

Governance Services are also able to offer team briefing sessions where we can come along to a team meeting to brief colleagues and discuss issues in a team context. Please email us at dataprotection@napier.ac.uk if you would like to arrange one of these sessions for your team.