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Price Scorer Document

The Price Scorer Document has been created for low value, price-only based quotes.

It is a protected document, with formulas already entered to provide effective comparison between quotes.


  • A Job Title should be entered in Cell A2, this should be a brief title of what is being bought.
  • In Column A, you should enter the names of any companies you have received quotes from.  In Column B, you should enter any quote references. In Column C, you should enter the whole quote price, this should include all elements of the product or service you are intending to buy, including original cost of goods, ongoing support and maintenance costs and any extras to be bought with it.
  • Columns E and F will display automatically based on the prices entered in Column C.  The lowest quote will receive 100%, this is based on the formula
Lowest Tender Price/Tender Price x 100% (Maximum Available Marks)

A Completed Example is shown Below: