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Thank you for attending your recent interview with Edinburgh Napier University.

We were delighted to meet you and trust that, regardless of the outcome of your interview, your experience was valuable and enjoyable.

Claim Form

Should you wish to be reimbursed for expenses incurred travelling to your interview, you should complete the Interview Expenses Form which was sent to you previously. If you did not receive this form or require another one please contact the Human Resources Team on 0131 455 3499.


You should attach to this form any receipts you had at the time of your interview e.g. rail tickets, bus and/or tram tickets, taxi fares. These should be the original receipts as photocopies are not accepted and your claim will not be processed.

Overnight Accommodation

If you have been unable to return home the same day as your interview took place, we will contribute to overnight accommodation up to £35. You should provide us with the original receipt of your hotel/hostel stay.


Upon receipt of your claim form and receipts we aim to process payment to your bank account by BACS transfer within four weeks. Please ensure the bank details you have provided on the claim form are correct as Edinburgh Napier University cannot be responsible for any errors occurring as a result of incorrect information received.
Should you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact the Human Resources team on 0131 455 3499 or email hr@napier.ac.uk