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Software Loan Agreement


When downloading software from Edinburgh Napier University I agree to be bound by the following conditions:


  1. One copy only of the software will be made onto the hard disk of my own device.
  2. I will not download the software on behalf of anyone else.
  3. The software will be used only for work purposes or for work directly relevant to my course and only for the duration of my course.
  4. The software will not be used for commercial gain by myself or any third party.
  5. If I cease to be a member of staff or student at the University I will completely remove the software from my own device.


Information Services cannot guarantee that all software will be compatible with your own device and the installation of any software made available to you by the University is carried out at your own risk


Information Services cannot take responsibility for any loss or damage caused by the reconfiguration of your device.


Where possible Information Services will provide assistance if you experience problems with the installation of software made available to you by the University.  Before you contact Information Services please ensure you read the relevant installation guide.


For installation guides and further information please refer to the following pages:

Staff: go to the Software for Home Use intranet page.

Students: go to the Software for Home Use myNapier page.