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15. Student Advice


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15.1 Student Development Student on phone

The University's Student Employability and Opportunities Service legitimately collects and processes personal data, including sensitive personal data in the course of its ordinary business, strictly in accordance with Data Protection Legislation.


The Employability and Opportunities website contains comprehensive guidance on the services offered to students. The University is legally obliged by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) to collect first destination data for graduating students and the University's Careers and Mentoring Service undertakes this task. Disclosures to HESA are referred to in the Data Protection Statement for Students and in the HESA Information for Students.

All other uses of the data internal or external to an institution should be in the form of anonymised data unless the consent of the data subject has been obtained in advance.


15.2 Applications for Discretionary and Childcare Funding

15.2.1  Students may have awards made from the Discretionary and Childcare Funds, both of which are provided to HE institutions by the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) on behalf of the Scottish Government.  Students will normally be given information about how to apply for help and the data provided on their application will be processed strictly in accordance with Data Protection legislation.


15.2.2  Decisions on whether to allocate funds to individual students are made on the contents of their application form and/or on the basis of confidential documents provided by the students. Students are entitled to have access to any personal data held by the University with regard to an application for Discretionary and Childcare funding, unless the data cannot be disclosed without additionally disclosing personal data about a third party. These criteria should also apply to any other funds administered by Student Wellbeing and Inclusion and within Student and Academic Services


15.3 Edinburgh Napier Students' Association

Edinburgh Napier Students' Association (ENSA) is a separate organisation and is not covered by the University's Data Protection Notification to the UK Information Commissioner. Procedures are in place therefore to assist ENSA staff to work with the University to support the ongoing academic and pastoral welfare of students. ENSA Advisers will ask students to complete disclosure forms at their first interview and a copy of this form should be provided to staff members on request to ensure that there are no inappropriate disclosures. 


Further information is available on the Edinburgh Napier Students' Association website.