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Membership of Health and Safety Committee 2020/21


Appointed Members


6 members of staff, one drawn from each School and nominated by the relevant Deans

Ms Julie Dickson (ENUBS)
Mr Colin Malcolm (SACI)
Dr Andreas Steyven (SoC)
Dr Callum Wilson​ (SEBE)
Mr David Connor (SAS)
Ms Michelle O’Reilly (SH&SC)

Safety Representatives

2 EIS/ULA members 

Dr Mike Sanderson
Dr Mark Taylor/Dr Nick Cimini (alternating attendance)


2 UNISON members    

Mr Stephen Paterson

Mr Derek Baird


Edinburgh Napier Students' Association

Sabbatical Officer of ENSA

Mr Ankit Duggal (ENSA President)



Principal & Vice Chancellor     

Professor Andrea Nolan



University Safety Officer (Convenor)    

Mr David Cloy


Biological Safety Officer     

Dr Gary Hutchison


Radiation Safety Officer     

Vacant - role currently fulfilled from University of Edinburgh


In Attendance

Director of Human Resources    

Mrs Kerry Dewar


Director of Property & Facilities

Ms Susan Groat


Head of Health and Safety     

Ms Liz Young


Health and Safety Advisor

Mr Sean Hughes



Lay Member of Court

Mr Ralph Adams


University Secretary

Attending as University Safety Officer


Clerk to the Committee     

Ms Maureen Masson (Governance Services)


Last update 02 June 2020