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Remit of Health & Safety Committee


Terms of Reference

1. To ensure that the University develops, implements and maintains suitable and sufficient Fire and Health & Safety policies  for the University in line with statutory and legal requirements and in consultation with Trades Unions and other appropriate interests.


2. To advise the Principal on situations or activities which are potentially hazardous to the Health and Safety of employees and users of all property owned or operated by or on behalf of the University.


3. To monitor the effectiveness of University Fire and Health and Safety policies and procedures and to make comment to relevant managers and employees as appropriate on any unsatisfactory situation observed.


4. To monitor and review the University’s arrangements for ensuring campus users (internal or external to the organisation) are adequately instructed in Health and Safety matters in connection with their specific work place and the University generally.


5. To monitor and review the University’s activities to promote actively the good health and well-being of all its staff and students.


6. To receive, consider and act as may be necessary on reports submitted by Health & Safety Representatives.


7. To consider such other fire and Health & Safety matters as are referred to the Committee by the Principal.


8. To report to Court annually on Health & Safety matters  [The Court receives the Annual Health and Safety Report at its June meeting]




One third of the current membership


Frequency of Meetings

Two times per annum, normally in October and May


Reporting Line

University Leadership Team


Current Sub-Committees



Working Groups