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Making Edinburgh Napier University a great place to work for our colleagues is a key priority for us. Listening to and understanding the experience of colleagues is a critical part of our efforts to continue to drive improvements in colleague engagement.


With a 66% overall response rate, our colleague engagement survey results have given us a good indication of how our colleagues feel about working at the University, along with what the University’s key strengths and weaknesses are.

At 69%, our overall engagement score is in line with the HE sector – this score is taken from the following five questions that were included in Your Voice 2022:


Strongly agree/agree

I am proud to say I work for the University


I would recommend the University as a good place to be a student


I would recommend the University as a good place to work


I would still like to be working at the University in two years’ time


Working here makes me want to do the bes​​t I can



You can view the full survey results here.​

In the results, each of the bar graphs represent the questions included in Your Voice 2022, and these are all aligned to a theme.

From the data you can see response favourability:

  • ​The blue colour in the bar graph indicates a combined response of ‘strongly agree/agree’
  • The light grey colour in the middle of the bar graph indicates ‘neither agree nor disgaree’
  • The dark grey colour at the end of the bar graph indicates a combined response of ‘disagree/strongly disagree’

As well as this, for each question, you can see comparison - the bar graphs show the comparison between our score with the HE sector.

Please note: the HE sector comparison is taken from data available from approximately 47 universities – these are the number of universities currently partnering with People Insight, our survey provider.

And finally, the impact data is useful as it tells us that some questions have a stronger relationship with engagement than others. The degree of shading on the ‘target’ symbol represents the strength of this relationship.

The darker the shade, the higher impact this will have on our engagement scores, for example:

‘I feel a strong sense of belonging here’ has the strongest shade – any actions taken by the University to help improve this will have a more positive impact on overall engagement.