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Shaping our Future​

At the start of 2019 we began our journey to build and develop the University’s strategy for 2020 and beyond.

Throughout 2019 we engaged with colleagues across Edinburgh Napier and gathered a rich source of feedback that helped shape our initial thinking. We did this through workshops, focus groups, lightning talk sessions, Principal’s View events, Campus Conversations, Senior Leadership Team workshops and Court meetings. We engaged with, not only our colleagues, but also our students and key external stakeholders.

These sessions generated some informative and enriching conversations that have provided fresh direction and allowed us to move forward with purpose. Thank you to everyone that took part in helping shape Edinburgh Napier University’s future. 


Reminder of the conversations in 2019

From the workshops we ran in 2019, there were some consistent, emerging themes that stimulated a conversations on key drivers for change, all relevant to the University’s future direction.

The following list of Lightning Talks gives you an idea of the range of themes discussed. Click on the title of the talk below to watch in your own time:

We also held regular Principal’s View talks throughout 2019 to provide colleagues with an update on the progress we’d made with the strategy so far. Our Principal, Andrea Nolan, opened the floor for questions at the end of these sessions to encourage further input and involvement in helping to shape our future.

Our strategy
The University’s new strategy was signed off by Court on 23 March 2020.


This new strategy sets out an exciting future for the University that responds to a rapidly changing world. Over the coming years it will see us drive distinctiveness by building on our reputation and standing as an applied University that is outward looking, flexible and innovative in its approaches to working with external partners.


You'll find our new strategy here​.