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Project Checks


All research and commercial projects require some level of checks to ensure that the work can be performed within University and funder requirements. Some of these checks happen before a bid is submitted to the funder. Others can happen at the time of award notification.


This includes:

  • Due diligence on commercial funders and over​seas ​research partners​​ (UK Research & Innovation guidance).
  • Ethics and GDPR check for projects involving people or data about people.
  • Ensuring that externally funded projects have sufficient staffing and project costs to deliver the work.
  • Any risks to the University for a particular piece of work
  • Any conflict of interest arising from the relationships or positions of the project team and to unduly influence decisions for personal benefit and/or to the detriment of the University

Trusted Research guidance and Trusted Research checklist for research with partners in UK or Overseas


Good research resource hub from UKRI.


To ensure that the PI is aware of their responsibilities in managing the application and awarded project we have created these checklists to help navigate through the different tasks:


Pre Award


Post Award