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Research Priv​acy Notices


This page provides Privacy Notices for research projects which require the processing of personal data. This will be provided to you at the time of consent either as a document accompanying the information sheet and consent form or a link to this Privacy notice on this site.


Transparency is a key element of the GDPR and this Privacy Notice is designed to inform you:

  • how and why the University uses your personal data for research,
  • what your rights are under GDPR, and,
  • how to contact us if you have questions or concerns about the use of your personal data.

Project Privacy Notices 

​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​

Privacy Notice Project


Research Team

Developing a compassionate support service for bereaved parents. A qualitative Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) inquiry into parents’ experience of late miscarriage​ ​1 May 2023 - 30 Sept 2024 ​Francesca Giannatiempo, Prof. Caroline Hollins Martin, Dr. Jenny Patterson
​Can pulmonary rehabilitation education be more patient-centred – what do patients want?​ ​1 Dec 2022 - 31 May 2023 ​Nicola Roberts, Nicola Ring, Donnie MacDonald
​Ambient Air Pollution in Oil-Gas situated Communities and the Risk for Kidney Disease: Integrating Citizen Science with a Mixed Method Study ​ ​1 Oct 2020 - 31 Oct 2023 ​Ogochukwu Okoye and Elaine Carnegie​
SOVRA: Subjective Orientation in VR Audio​  ​1 Jun 2022 - 30 Nov 2022 ​Iain McGregor
​The Experience of Physical Activity/Exercise After Stroke ​​ ​1 Jan 2022 ​Amy Silva-Smith
​​Cultural Analysis of Perinatal Bereavement Support in Edinburgh/Lothian, Scotland​ ​10 June 2021