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2. Overview of 3E Framework

To assist staff with the practical implementation, a 3E Framework based on an Enhance-Extend-Empower continuum has been developed, with illustrative simple-but-effective examples that might be incorporated as a minimum (Enhance), through to uses of technology that give students more responsibility for key aspects of their learning (Extend), and to underpin more sophisticated, authentic activities that reflect the professional environments for which they are preparing (Empower).


For those staff already using technology at the minimum Enhance level, then further developing practice at the Extend and Empower levels, where appropriate and desired, may be a natural progression. As an example, a possible application of the 3E Framework for encouraging early engagement in key concepts is provided below:





Adopting technology in simple and effective ways to actively support students and increase their activity and self-responsibility

Further use of technology that facilitates key aspects of students' individual and collaborative learning and assessment through increasing their choice and control

Developed use of technology that requires higher order individual and collaborative learning that reflects how knowledge is created and used in the professional environment

Encouraging early engagement in key concepts

Have students take turns in defining one or two key terms or concepts for each week for inclusion in an online class glossary (e.g. in a wiki)

Have students work in pairs to create an online guide to a particular topic (e.g. a 'scavenger hunt' of places on the web for peers to explore)

The use of online resources (collaborative spaces, links to readings, video clips) that students can use in case and problem-based learning tasks


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