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Dear Colleagues
Please allow me, in my capacity of SACI research integrity leader, to draw your attention to the increasingly salient issue of research integrity, i.e. ethics, and to the enclosed files.
The School research integrity committee has been working on a 'one-stop shop' page linking to the SACI home page. However, various delays have prevented this being implemented, so I have decided to email the key materials (bulky though one of the documents is) to you directly.

It is perhaps a topical time for many because we are supervising the empirical elements of student dissertations and projects. Please note that the principle of self-assessment with supervisor-signoff remains fundamental, so I am not wishing to replace the diverse forms being used across our School.​

Specifically, the attachments are:

  1.  School research integrity committee details.
  2.  School research integrity approval application form [need only be used where a supervisor, centre director or other 'gatekeeper' wishes to refer a problematic proposal to the School research integrity committee]
  3. Cross-University ethical approval form [the University Research Integrity Committee states that this must be used for staff research projects involving Edinburgh Napier students other than those in their own School]
  4.  Sample research consent form [feel free to adapt this]
  5. The Singapore Statement on Research Integrity [excellent one-page summary of the principles that should govern all research]
  6. University Research Integrity Policy document [NB this is a large file, for consultation rather than printing out].​

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