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Photocopying Using the Multi-functional Devices



This page explains how to photocopy using the Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs).



Frequently Asked Questions

Further Help and Information





To photocopy using an MFD:

  • If a green light is displayed on the MFD it's in energy saving mode so you'll need to click on the green Power Save button:

                MFD Power Save button

  • Scan your staff ID card or log in to the MFD using your University login ID and password.
  • Press the Copy button:

               MFD Copy button

  • Select the relevant options and number of copies required:

                MFD copy options

  • Click on the green Start button:


 Remember to log out!

  • Click on the key button.
  • Choose Log Out.


For further information refer to the MFD How to Guide from Xerox. 



Frequently Asked Questions


MFD image
Q: What is an MFD?

A:  MFD is short for Multi-Functional Device and refers to a device that can print, copy and scan. The Xerox MFD’s that are being installed will also facilitate document enlargement and reduction, duplex printing, stapling, scanning to email and scanning to USB.


Q: What if I don't have a University ID card or I've forgotten my card?
A:  You can also log in to the MFD using your University login ID and password.


Q: Where will the MFDs be located?
An MFD device will be located within a short distance of everyone’s work space. The full list of locations can be found in the MFD Locations Spreadsheet.


Q:  I have a large number of copies to produce, is it OK to use the MFD for this purpose?

A:  If you have more than 250 sheets to photocopy then you should contact Print Services


Q: How do I order paper for the new MFDs?

A: If paper is required the individual super users or print champions should follow the MFD Paper Ordering procedure.



Further Help and Information


If you need further help or would like more information contact IS Service Desk in the first instance:

Email: ISSupportDesk@napier.ac.uk

Telephone: ext 3000 or (0131) 455 3000 from an external line.