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Cyber Security Training


MyCompliance imageThe severity and frequency of attacks against the sector is higher than ever before and Higher Education regularly appears in top 10 lists from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) of the most-targeted sectors of the UK economy.

We’re introducing new mandatory “MyCompliance” cyber security training.  

We have purchased a catalogue of training material from MetaCompliance, along with their MyCompliance platform for delivering it to you in the form of short video clips, interactive exercises and quizzes.

Why do I need to complete this training?

The University continues to invest in security technologies and specialist staff within Information Services, but even with these in place we still need our staff, associates, contractors and partners to act as a strong first line of defence against threats delivered via email, the web and mobile apps. This means knowing what to watch out for, how and when to exercise caution and who to report issues to when they occur. 

It’s not just the University that recognises the need for this – trusted advisors such as the NCSC encourage organisations of all sizes to deliver cyber training to their staff and increasingly it’s becoming a mandatory requirement for cyber insurance cover and certain commercial contracts. An uninformed workforce is a vulnerable workforce, which leads to a direct impact on University operations if we fall victim to a significant cyber-attack.

What can I expect?

We will introduce a full cyber awareness course for staff in due course, but in response to the significant and continued threat posed by phishing, we have decided to launch a new mini-course on that specific topic so that you can immediately benefit from the information and advice it contains. 

In time we will add more training elements to the MyCompliance platform for completion, they will be in the same bitesize format as the phishing training.

You’ll also receive reminder emails from MetaCompliance until you have completed the course.

What does the training involve?

The phishing training:

  • Takes less than 15 minutes to complete.
  • Consists of small bitesized videos, that you can leave and return to as often a necessary.

How do I access the training?

You can access MyCompliance via the tile in AppsAnywhere, or via the link https://cloud.metacompliance.com/ 

When you first access the training, you will be asked to login. Enter your Edinburgh Napier email address and click Next.  On a managed device you can simply select Single Sign on logon.

 MyCompliance Login screen image

You will then see the following screen which will show you if you have any new notifications, you can click on the arrows to proceed to that notification:

MyCompliance notifications image

Additional Information and Known Issues

Emails from MyCompliance:

Any emails from MyCompliance will come from the following, genuine email address: no-reply@metacompliance.com

Viewing the course on an iPhone:

We are aware of and audio issue on the interactive element of the course when viewing the course on an iPhone.