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A methodology can be described as a repeatable process utilising best practices, standard processes and templates that are easily manageable and will ultimately deliver value to the organisation. It can be thought of as a roadmap that details key features that should be adhered to thus ensuring correct delivery of a specific product.


The methodology should be seen as a toolbox with the tools of standard templates and processes used as and when required. This framework should be applied to all projects within the department with documents and processes used at the discretion of the Project Manager.


A project is defined as a temporary endeavour undertaken to create a unique product or service. It will have the following characteristics

  • Definite and measurable set of products
  • Set of activities to achieve the products
  • Appropriate and defined amount of resource
  • An organisational structure, with defined responsibilities, to manage the project.
  • Management of change

Within Edinburgh Napier University a project is defined as "a unique delivery utilising more than 3 staff or greater than 20 days effort from inception to go live". There are 3 grades of Projects where the key processes described herein will be used. These are:

Type of Project
No. Resources
Minimum Documents Required
5 - 30 days
3 - 5
Project Brief, Project Initiation Document, Project Plan, Status Report, Risk Log, Project Close Report
30 - 90 days
3 - 7
As above plus business case, issue log, change log, User Acceptance Plan, budget, functional requirements
60 + days
> 5

Note: Each project is unique and as such the minimum documents, resources and duration should be taken only as an indication with the Project Manager defining any additional documents at his/her discretion.