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Why Use Project Management?

Project Management is a proven and effective tool that allows different work teams, resources, budgets and tasks to all be controlled to achieve a specific quality product in a proactive way. It should be noted that projects are very different to the day to day operational running of a business as all projects are unique and involve change and ultimately come to an end.

By using a standard Project Management methodology it has been proven that the following benefits occur:

  • Increase the number of projects delivered
  • Increase the quality of products
  • Sets correct expectations for project
  • Prevent cost overruns, or at least identifies when this may happen
  • Deliver to agreed timelines
  • Reduce scope creep and risks
  • Significantly improve communication between stakeholders and project teams
  • Builds on experience
  • And ultimately reduces the number of projects that fail.

This is done by using a repeatable process to manage the key variables of time, cost, and scope within a project.

By following this approach described and successfully managing these variables it is believed that all the benefits described above can be successfully achieved when managing projects.


Pulling all of this tog​ether and making it work - delivering the desired outcome is the fun of project management!