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​​​​Student Communications

We are the Student Communications team. Our job is to make sure we provide information and support our students require throughout their time at Edinburgh Napier, while helping to make their university experience engaging and memorable.

We communicate with our students in a variety of ways, including digital screens, our student newsletter and the myNapier student portal. We also work closely with our marketing colleagues in both the Social Media and Creative teams in order to reach the students both online and in-person, wheth​​er through social media posts, marketing collateral or experiential events.

We also support departments across the University and offer our advice and expertise on the most effective ways to communicate with students. If you have an event, news or any other kind of information you’d like to communicate to students, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

For more information on the support we provide, please click through the list on the sidebar.​​