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Guidelines for the use of Zoom at the University

The University licences Webex and Microsoft Teams as the principal video conferencing services for academic and business purposes. However it is recognised that there are occasions when these services do not meet the specific academic or business need, and so the University has a small number of Zoom licences that can be allocated to staff on request. 

Business requirement for Zoom

Zoom licences can be allocated in circumstances where it can be clearly demonstrated that Webex or Teams is unsuitable, and some examples of this are when:
  • the audio compression will result in sub-optimal sound quality, such as for musical demonstrations
  • teaching to a country that has blocked use of Webex and Teams, such as in some regions of China
  • external engagement events require the familiarity of Zoom to significantly reduce barriers to participation.

Having a personal preference for Zoom is not a sufficient business requirement. 

It is not necessary for participants to install client software on their computers. These instructions for Zoom, Webex and Teams ​show how users can join meetings from their web browser. 

Requesting a Zoom licence

To request a Zoom license then please email your business requirement to the IS Service Desk

Please indicate the required duration to allow IS to manage the licence pool. Licences will be allocated for a maximum of 1 calendar year. 

Please note that in line with the University’s Information Security Policy​ staff must not share their Zoom licence with another user.

Support for Zoom

In the case of technical issues please check the Zoom Service Status page before contacting the IS Service Desk.

The University does not offer any training for Zoom, and so staff are referred to the Zoom website​ for webinars, videos and user guides.