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​Mobile Device Management


Mobile Device Management (MDM) enables the centralised, secure control and management of University owned mobile devices and University data.


It offers protection if a University owned device is lost or stolen allowing Information Services (IS) to wipe and disable University owned devices.

The MDM solution used by Edinburgh Napier University is Intune.  

All University owned mobile devices must be enrolled into Intune MDM for Cyber Essentials​.

You do not need to enrol your University Managed Laptop into MDM, as this is already in place.
It is not possible to enrol your personal device(s) into MDM. 

What is Mobile Device Management? 

The installation of Intune MDM:

  • Ensures compliance with mandatory device security controls, effectively protecting the University’s data and you as a staff member.
  • Enables you to securely access University email and data on University owned Mobile Devices.
  • Provides peace of mind that University data is secure and that the device can be centrally wiped and disabled if lost or stolen.
  • Encourages information security good practice by requiring a device password / passcode to be set on the device.
  • Automatically encrypts University data ensuring that all data stored on the device is only accessible to you, the device owner – you enter your password/passcode to access the data. Anyone attempting to gain access directly (e.g. by removing a devices storage card) will not be able to access the data.
  • Enables you to easily download and access University and departmental apps
  • Allows you to track and locate your allocated devices.
  • Enables you to be remotely contacted by IS, including the ability to be sent a message or alert to the device.

Is my device compliant with Intune MDM?

Before you attempt to enrol your University owned mobile device, you will need to ensure it's compliant with Intune MDM and Cyber Essentials.

The minimum accepted versions are:

If your device cannot be updated then it will need to be replaced - go to the Request IT Equipment page for further information. ​

How do I enrol my device for Intune MDM?

Existing University owned Android or Apple devices

Before you enrol for the MDM service you will need to wipe your University-owned mobile device.  The procedure differs depending on whether you have an Android device, or an iOS device.   You can do this by following the relevant instructions below:

Once the device has been wiped and restored to the factory settings you can follow the instructions below to enrol for MDM:

New University owned Android or Apple devices

If you have a new, out of the box University owned Android or Apple device, follow these instructions:

Windows devices

You do not need to enrol your University Managed Laptop into MDM, as this is already in place.

If you have an unmanaged Windows device, e.g. a MS Surface, follow these instructions: 


    Further help 

    If you require further help or would like further information about the MDM service please contact the IS Service Desk in the first instance.

    Page last updated: 30 June 2022.