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​IT Procurement


To simplify and standardise the process of purchasing IT equipment, the decision has been made by the University to centralise the authorisation and purchasing of IT hardware.


This applies to:

  • All personal computers (either desktop or laptop versions)
  • Apple Macs (either desktop or laptop versions)
  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Screens
  • Component upgrades
  • Peripheral devices such as webcams and headsets. 


This page describes the process for ordering IT equipment and provides links to additional information and forms. 

Please note:  Information Services have been informed by the University’s suppliers that, due to a worldwide shortage of components, the estimated delivery time of devices has been extended from 15 days to 30 working days.  We would therefore advise that any upcoming orders are placed as early as possible. 




IT Procurement Process


Before you purchase any IT equipment you should read the Compute​r Purchasing and Deployment Policy.


There are 3 approval stages, as the diagram below shows.


You are required to gain department approval (see the form) the other approvals are done within the process workflow.

 IT Purchasing Process

You will also need to gain authorisation from your Line Manager / Department. 


 To request IT equipment:

  • Select the required device from the Device Recommend​ations List.
  • Gain written authorisation from your Line Manager / Department, you can use the template for this if you wish.
  • If you are ordering for multiple users/new starts please provide their names and start dates to allow the deployment teams to try to meet your needs effectively.
  • Complete the UniDesk form, selecting the relevant device and attaching the written authorisation from your Line Manager / Department. selecting the relevant device and attaching the written authorisation from your Line Manager / Department.
  • Submit the form.

Once the form is submitted:

  • Information Services (IS) will perform authorisation checks and may contact you for additional information. At this stage the Reusable Equipment Pool will be checked and you may be offered existing equipment if available.
  • IS will either authorise and order / supply the equipment or reject the request (if rejected a reason will be provided).  
  • If authorised for fulfilment you will receive a confirmation communication and a link to a data transfer form.  This will allow you to specify any information or special software applications that you would want access to on your new device. 
  • Delivery of IT equipment usually takes an average of 6 weeks from the point that the request is authorised.

Once the equipment is received:

  • IS will check the order, commission the equipment, transfer data, applications and will contact you to arrange delivery and set up.
  • IS will then process any redundant equipment (if required).
  • Depending on the device this stage will take around 30 working days, however it may take longer depending on the device and the supplier.




If you wish to purchase IT equipment for research you should visit the Purchasing IT Equipment for Research intranet page and complete the relevant UniDes​k form​.


If you would like to purchase any IT equipment not included in the De​vice Recommendations List ​please contact the IS Service Desk in the first instance


Further information


If you require further information please contact the IS Service Desk in the first instance.  

​ ​​​