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​​Managed Laptop - Docking Guidance

Docking station imageThe hybrid working spaces have been ​equipped with the facility to connect your University managed laptop to a docking solution via a single USB C cable that will:
  • Connect to 2 external monitors, allowing you to work simultaneously across up to 3 screens (including your laptop screen if desired)
  • Give you access to a full-size keyboard and mouse on the desk and a monitor mounted or integrated webcam
  • Provide you with a fast, secure wired connection to the University network – no need to connect to Wi-Fi
  • Charge your laptop.

Connecting your managed laptop is easy​ - you'll find instructions here: Managed Laptop Docking Guidance.pdf

You'll find out more about Hybrid Working on the HR intranet pages: Hybrid Working​

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find a list of Hot Desks / Docking Stations to book?

You will find a list of bookable Hot Desks on Resource Booker​

How do I connect my laptop to the Docking Stations / Docking Monitors?

Full instructions can be found here:   Managed Laptop Docking Guidance.pdf

Will my laptop charge when connected to the USB-C cable?

​The vast majority of University managed laptops will charge when connected to the USB-C cable. High powered managed laptops (e.g. HP ZBooks) and Apple MacBooks may only retain existing or trickle charge when using the USB-C connection. If you have one of these devices we recommend you carry your charger to use when connected to the docking station. 

How do I change my main display?

To change your main display screen:
  • ​Right click on your desktop and choose Display settings
  • From the Rearrange your displays section select the screen that you wish to make your main display. 
Screenshot showing the Rearrange your icons section of the Display settings page.
  • From the Multiple displays section click on the checkbox: Make this my main display
Screenshot showing the Multiple displays section of the Display settings, with the Make this my main display option highlighted.

How do I blur my MS Teams background to ensure the privacy and security of my colleagues?

You can add a background image or blur your background to conceal what is behind you when on MS Teams calls.  You can do this either when joining a meeting or during a meeting and you'll find instructions on the Microsoft website: Change your background for a Teams meeting​

How do I use my USB-C headset and a docking station if my laptop only has one USB-C port?

Information Services have supplies of adapters that will allow you to use a standard USB port on your laptop instead. These can be collected from Information Services - there's no need to fill out a device request form for these items.​​

Where do I find out more about Hybrid Working?

You'll find out more about Hybrid Working ​on the HR intranet pages: Hybrid Working

Further help and support

If you have any problems connecting your laptop to the docking stations / docking monitors, or have any further questions, please contact the IS Service Desk