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Managed Laptop Software Request

Information Services (IS) manage the University's software, ensuring that staff and students benefit from a University managed laptop which:
  • Includes all of the software required for teaching and University business
  • Operates efficiently and effectively

If the software you require is not currently available, and you have your line manager’s approval with a suitable business case, you can request the addition of local software

Before you request new software you should check whether the software (or a suitable alternative) is already available in AppsAnywhere or the Software Center on your laptop. If software is available here it can be installed yourself without the need to ask for IS assistance.


We aim to review and process your request for new software within 30 days but please give as much time as possible to avoid any delays. Please be aware that depending on the complexity of the request the turnaround time could be significantly longer.

Requesting New Software for the Managed Laptop

To request new software:

  1. Requests for individual items of software must be submitted via the Managed Laptop Software Request Form. To avoid any delays in processing your request we ask for one item of software only per form.
  2. Each request must be approved (usually by your line manager or Head of Department).  An email from the Approver must be attached to the form in order for it to be submitted. A suggested template for this can be found here:  Departmental Approval Template.
  3. If approved, Information Services will notify you and give an estimation of the date and method by which the software will be made available.

Further Information

If you have any queries or require further information please contact the IS Service Desk​​ in the first instance.