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Your University managed laptop: does it need to be updated? 

We need to ensure that all University managed laptops and desktops are running an up-to-date version of Windows 10.  Here you will find out how to check which version your laptop is running, and how to install the latest update. 

How do I check what version my managed laptop is running?

  • ​Go to the Search bar at the bottom left of your desktop and enter "about your PC".  Click About your PC and the Settings will open:
              About your PC screenshot
  • From the "About" Settings screen scroll down to Windows specifications and look at the number next to Version - if the version is 1909 then you will need to update your laptop. 

How do I update my laptop?

You can install the update from your laptop’s Software Center - it will take up to one hour.  Before you update your laptop you must close any open applications. 

To update your laptop:
  • Open the Software Center by clicking on the desktop icon:
               Software Center button screenshot
  • From within the Operating Systems section of the Software Center, click on Windows 10 20H2 Upgrade-EN1001F2
              Software Center screenshot
  • Click on the Install button, and the Windows 10 upgrade will be installed on your desktop. It will take up on one hour:
               Software Center screenshot


What if I attempt to run the update and I get an error message about diskspace?  

If you get the error message below then you will need to free up some disk space:
Disk Failure error message


Where can I find further help?

If you need any further help and support, you can contact the IS Service Desk

Page last updated 8 April 2022