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Each staff member at Edinburgh Napier University is supplied with a Microsoft Outlook email account hosted on Office 365, which provides 50GB mailbox capacity.  Find out more about the Office 365 project...


The latest version of MS Outlook available to staff is Outlook 2016.  If you have not already upgraded your staff PC to Office 2016 you may wish to do so as support for earlier versions of MS Office will eventually be withdrawn.  Find out how to upgrade to Outlook 2016...


When using University email please be aware of the following:

  • Office 365 email is hosted by Microsoft in the Cloud. The University does not take a separate backup of the email service. The only (general access) data areas that we back up are H: & S: drives and SharePoint which should be used for the storage of University records.
  • Email records should therefore be saved to SharePoint or H: / S: drives which are backed up.
  • Deleted items from mailboxes may be recoverable but if items are deleted in a folder then the folder structure will not be restored when attempting to recover the files (i.e. they are restored into a flat file structure in the inbox).


Frequently Asked Questions 


Click on the askNapier button to search the Knowledge Base or click on a link below:



General Outlook FAQs


Can I import my .pst file into my mailbox?

What is a Focused Inbox?

How do I turn off my Focused Inbox?

How do I turn Clutter off in Outlook 2016?  

How do I configure my Mac Mail client to access University email?

How do I access my Outlook Archive from the Virtual Desktop Service (VDS)?

How do I give others access to my mailbox (guidance for Senior Managers)?

What is best practice for using my Outlook calendar?



Email FAQs


How do I update my email reply settings in Office 365?

How do I save / edit an email attachment?

How do I delete an attachment from an email message?

What is the maximum size of email attachment that I can send and receive?

How do I recall a sent message?

Can I use Voting Buttons in my emails?

How do I empty my Deleted Items folder?

Can I recover items deleted from my Deleted Items folder?


Mailbox Management FAQs


How do I use Outlook folders?

How do I use Outlook flags?

How do I switch my Out of Office email reply on or off?

How do I use Rules to manage my email?

How do I set staff as my default Address Book?

I have been emailed a Distribution List, can I import it into my Contacts?

What is the Auto-Complete, and how to I turn it on/off?


Mobile and Remote Access to Email FAQs 


How do I access and use my email account via the web?

How do I access my Office 365 email account from an iPhone or iPad?

How do I access my Office 365 email account from an Android device?

How do I access my Office 365 email account via the Outlook app?


Generic Mailboxes FAQs


What is a generic email account?

How do I get a generic email account created?

Can any staff member have a generic email account?

Are there any rules and regulations when using a generic email account?

How do I gain access to a generic mailbox using Outlook?

Can I access a generic email account via the web?

How do I give others access to a generic email account?

What are the different permissions on a generic email account?

Can I log directly into a generic email account?

Why can I not have the password to a generic email account?

What email address will my generic account have?

How do I put an out of office message on a generic email account?


Further Information


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For guidance on managing email records please refer to Governance Services Email Management intranet page.