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​​​​SharePoint enables you to collaborate and communicate with colleagues or project/working groups.  

You can use it as a secure place to store, organise, share, and access information from any device. All you need is a web browser, such as Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox. ​

The SharePoint environment is made up Team Sites. Each Team Site is set up and maintained by a Team Site administrator who assigns access rights to colleagues and associates as required.


Accessing SharePoint

You can access Office 365 SharePoint using a web browser on or off campus:

You can also access it by downloading the SharePoint app on your mobile device via your App store. 

Please note:  Direct access to SharePoint outside of the University network requires Multi-Factor Authentication - find out more.​ ​

The best way to get to your SharePoint Team Sites is to save them as a favourite (in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge), or to follow them on S​​harePoint​ so that they always appear in your SharePoint dashboard.​

External Associates can access SharePoint sites by entering an email address in the format:
[Staff ID Number]@livenapierac.onmicrosoft.com  - find out more

Please note:  if you have been given a link to a SharePoint site and cannot access it, please contact the person who has sent you the link to be granted access. If they cannot grant access, please contact the SharePoint Site Owner as listed here, they can either grant access directly or will know who can. 

What Should be Saved to SharePoint

All information relating to University Business should be saved to a location where at least two persons have access such as SharePoint, or your Departmental Data Area (S Drive)

Items for personal use should be saved to your Personal Data Area (H Drive) or OneDrive, and should be clearly marked as personal.

If you are required to work from home for a period of time and you need access to files on your personal data area (H drive) or shared, departmental area (S drive) you should copy these to SharePoint – find out more 


All employees are responsible for ensuring that the information and records processed (received, created, used, stored, destroyed) on behalf of the University are managed in compliance with all applicable legislation, codes and policies e.g. Data Protection, Information Security and Records Management.


SharePoint Help and Training


SharePoint Frequently Asked Questions


To view the SharePoint FAQs visit askNapier​.

If you have any further questions about SharePoint​ please contact the IS Service Desk