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Academic Board

Terms of Reference, Constitution & Membership

The Academic Board is the primary academic body of Edinburgh Napier University with delegated authority from the University Court to oversee the overall planning, co-ordination, development and supervision of the academic work of the University.

The Principal is Convenor of Academic Board and itsmembers are drawn from across the University.


Meeting Papers and Minutes

All members of staff are encouraged to read the agendas, minutes and papers for Academic Board and its sub-committees to keep up to date with the issues and initiatives being discussed.


Riady Lecture Theatre


In 2023/24 Academic Board will meet on:

13 October 2023

24 November 2023

08 March 2024

07 June 2024


You can see the venues and other information on the University Calendars of Meetings and Events.


Members' Roles and Responsibilities

The University adheres to the concept of 'privilege of membership' of committees. This emphasises that active participation in a committee is an important contribution to the University's work and should be a priority for all concerned. Members of Academic Board and its sub-committees should accept fully the responsibilities inherent in academic governance.

Some guidance has been prepared for members of Academic Board and other committees.


Members' Teamsite

Academic Board members have a dedicated SharePoint teamsite to assist them fulfil their duties as members of this important body.


Useful Information

Craiglockhart LibraryThe Academic Board is an established part of the overall governance and deliberative structure of the University, being specified in our Statutory Instrument (the Napier University [Scotland] Order of Council 1993) as amended by the Amendment Order of Council 2007 and in 2009 by theEdinburgh Napier University Order of Council. These Orders were approved by The Privy Council and (following devolution) The Scottish Parliament.

The University Court approved a revised Constitution of Academic Board in June 2015 following a Governance Review to reflect changes to the academic structure of the University.



Please contact the email iconClerk with any queries about Academic Board.