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​Constitution & Membership 2019/20




Senior University Officer with responsibility for oversight of corporate risk [Convenor]

David Cloy, University Secretary


Director, Finance & Operations (or depute)

Andy McGoff


Director, Marketing & External Relations (or depute)

Geoff Day


Director of Property and Facilities (or depute)

Susan Groat


Director of Information Services (or depute)

Claire Taylor


Director of School Support Service (or depute)

Steven Logie


Director of People and Services (or depute)

Kerry Dewar


Head of Health and Safety

Liz Young


One Dean to represent the Schools (to be appointed on a two year rotational basis)

Gary Hutchison


In attendance

Maureen Masson, Governance Officer (Risk & Governance) [Clerk]


Co-opted Members

Up to three additional members may be co-opted at the discretion of the Convenor, currently:

Andrew Quickfall, Head of Planning and Business Intelligence

Diana Watt, Information Governance Manager