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​Risk & Resilience Committee


Risk and Resilience Committee ensures that the university develops and maintains an appropriate framework for corporate risk and business continuity management.



1. To advise the University Leadership Team (ULT) as necessary on strategy, policy, priorities and costs relating to corporate risk management, including crisis response and business continuity planning

2. To review annually and recommend to ULT (for onward transmission to the Audit & Risk Committee of Court) a high-level assessment of key corporate risks informed by the annual planning process, including any risks that may arise from non-compliance with statutory or regulatory obligations

3. To recommend to ULT any departmental risks which are considered to merit escalation to the Top Corporate Risk Register.

4. To review and maintain oversight of the University’s physical security arrangements, ensuring that any findings identified in insurance (UMAL) physical risk assessments are appropriately and timeously implemented

5. To maintain and review a comprehensive corporate risk register together with associated action plans

6. To ensure that the university develops, communicates, maintains, tests and reviews on a regular basis comprehensive emergency response procedures, disaster recovery and business continuity plans.


Specific Policy Responsibilities

Risk Management and Business Continuity



One-third of the total membership (excluding co-options) which must include the Chair


Frequency of Meetings

Twice a year in April and November


Reporting Line

University Leadership Team (ULT)