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​​​​Induct​ing a new starter: Manager's Role and Responsibilities

Do you have a new team member starting soon? 

We are sure you are excited to have a colleague joining your team. As their line manager, you have the essential role of creating a welcoming environment for them where they feel supported i​n becoming a part of the Edinburgh Napier University comm​unity. Below you will find out more about our three-part induction process and your role in it:


1. Local Induction: the local induction encompasses everything that takes place on a team level to welcome a new colleague. This includes ​​​​orienting new starts to your teams, departments, the University structure and policies, as well as training them on how to use any role necessary platforms. We h​ave created the 'Induct​ing a new starter checklist'​ which outlines a number of suggested activities for you to undertake before your new team member(s) start their role, as well as ideas for their first day, week, and month of employment. Please note that this is a general checklist and you are welcome to add any role/departmental/School-specific activities that you feel are important.​


You might also wish to have a look at 'New ​starter checklist' to familiarise yourself with what your new colleague is required to complete as a part of their induction.​

2. Mandatory training courses: those courses are in place to ensure the safety and security all employees as well as the University. It consists of 4 online training modules: Data Protection (GDPR), Health & Safety, Equality & Diversity, and Cyber Security Awareness . These modules are hosted on  Essential Skillz and MetaCompliance platforms.


3. In-person ind​uction event: this is a half-day eve​nt where new starters learn about the history, structure and context of Edinburgh Napier University, hear from a variety of teams within the University and what services they offer to colleagues, and network with new and existing staff. To browse dates for in-person induction events, please go to HR Connect.

Do you need further support?​

The Talent & Development Team offers various developmental sessio​ns and resources for managers​. ​​ Have a look through our available sessions on HR Connect. ​We're also happy to have a chat if you have specific questions or concerns about inducting your new colleague. You can email staffdevelopment@napier.ac.uk to request a session with one of our Talent and Development colleagues.