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Peer Discussion Groups 

Discussion Groups provide the opportunity to create a community of peers who support and challenge each other. Find out more about these and how you can get involved. 


The discussion group process is based on the view that we learn best when we have a real issue to resolve and when what we are trying to change or address is something that we are responsible for. 

6-8 individuals meet to discuss real challenges individuals are facing. 

The group are not tasked with solving a problem for someone else. Through effective questioning and reflection and if appropriate the suggestion of options, the group help colleagues resolve their issue themselves.  The challenges/issues do not require specialist knowledge from group members. 


Benefits of taking part 

- Time for reflection, making conclusions and planning in a confidential and safe environment 

- Insights from peers who bring their different experiences and backgrounds to support and challenge each other 

- A forum for developing your coaching skills 

Supporting Information 

Discussi​on Group Overview & Process ​

Reflective Questions to consider before attending a Discussion Group 

Example Coaching Questions to support you in a discussion group​ 

Ladder of Inference which can help you understand your own and other people’s thinking ​

Join a Discussion Group 

If you are interested in taking part in a discussion group, please email staffdevelopment@napier.ac.uk