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New Staff FAQs

My students need some help with using the library and its online resources - what can I do?​

Contact your School's Subject Librarian. A variety of training sessions and workshops are available.

If this applies to a whole group of students, it would be good to discuss the details of what needs to be covered, and what approach would be best.

We can offer a range of options both online and in person, from classroom talks to hands-on computer lab sessions or content to add to Moodle. We can also point you to the sections of our webpages which will be most useful for your students.

For any student who needs more individual help, see the contact options in the Help Centre.​

How do I suggest new book or journal purchases?​

See Request books or journals.

How do I find TV programmes for teaching?​

Box of Broadcasts gives you access to TV and radio recordings for educational purposes.
See TV for teaching.

Can I load electronic copies of book chapters and journal articles into Moodle?​

Downloading or scanning articles yourself for adding to Moodle will breach the terms of the University's HE Copying and Scanning Licence. You can either link to ebookds and journals online, or request PDF copies of articles and book chapers using the Digital Extracts Service. For more information, see Digital Copying for Moodle.

Can I upload images to Moodle?​ ​

It depends on the source of the image. See details on the Copyright Guidance LibGuide - Digital Copying for Moodle​.

​​​​Can I use Library materials in a course pack for my students?​​

The answer may be yes, but it depends whether the book or journal is covered by the Copyright Licensing Agency Higher Education licence. See more information at Copyright Issues for Classes.