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TV for Teaching​

Video and off-air recordings can contribute to the creation of lively and interesting learning expe​riences for students and we want to help you to use these. In Higher Education, the use of such material is controlled by a licence from the Educational Recording Agency and so a​ny use must be within the limits of the licence.  

NOTE: Under the terms of the ERA licence, recordings can only be used within the UK. 

​ ​

Box of Broadcasts (BoB) 

Box of Broadcasts (BoB) is a shared service giving staff and students at educational institutions access to TV and radio recordings for educational purposes. 

BoB allows you to:

  • ​View TV and radio programmes from the BBC going back to 2007.
  • Choose and record any upcoming broadcast programme from 7​5+ TV and radio channels. The recorded programmes are then kept indefinitely, with all content shared by users across all subscribing institutions.
  • Record missed programmes from a 30 day buffer.
  • Edit programmes into clips, create playlists, link to clips from Moodle, easily create one-click citations.

How do I get started?


BoB is available at Learning on Screen or ​​via the LibrarySearch A-Z Database list.

See BoB short video tutorials and Frequently Asked Questions​.

NOTE: BoB is only for use within the UK.


Linking to programmes on BoB from Moodle

The easiest way to link to BoB from Moodle is to copy the link to a BoB programme and paste it into Moodle as a URL. 

To find the direct link within BoB, click on any programme or clip and click ‘Embed’ at the bottom of the screen. Select WAYFless URL (if you are sharing only with Edinburgh Napier students and staff), and then copy this URL into Moodle. 

You can also embed a video, by copying the ‘Embed as Code’ option from BoB National and adding it to the <> (HTML Source Editor) in a Moodle page. Students will still need to login to BOB National to view.​​

Content not available on BoB

The Library already holds a large collection of programmes that have been recorded prior to 2014. This includes recordings of documentaries, current affairs programmes and feature films, which may be available on the
Online Video Service​, on DVD, CD or video.   

Search for the programme or film on LibrarySearch.

To work within the Licence, and for educational, non-commercial purposes only, you:  

  • Can record broadcasts. 

  • Can play these recordings to students or allow students to view them. 

  • Can make copies.  

  • Make these recordings available within a password-protected environment such as Moodle.  

  • Can record whole broadcasts or extracts.  

  • Can take clips from the recording as long as it is not adapted, amended or distorted, e.g. the original soundtrack separated from the picture and a new commentary substituted or the original concept of the work altered. 

  • Provide the recordings to University staff and students in the UK only.  

  • Must keep an inventory of recordings. 

  • Can embed recordings into PowerPoint presentations as long as the Licence conditions are met.  

  • Can access and download on-demand services, subject to terms & conditions for each individual broadcast.  

 Any broadcasts recorded or clips used must prominently display a label giving:  

  • ​The date of the recording.  

  • The name of the broadcaster.  

  • The programme title.  

  • The wording, This recording is to be used only for educational and non-commercial purposes under the terms of the ERA Licence in the UK only.  

If you have any queries about the Licence or the Online Video service please contact Information Services staff. 

If you use BOB National or the Online Video service and work within the Licence, you will be able to provide access for your students to valuable broadcast resources. However, there are some things you must be aware of. You:  

  • Cannot show recorded programmes to an audience which has paid. 

  • Cannot sell or hire tapes, videos or DVDs made under the ERA licence.  

  • Cannot copy commercial tapes, videos or DVDs.  

  • Cannot show recorded broadcast to an audience outside the UK.  

  • Must not adapt the broadcast, for example by separating soundtrack from images and substituting new.  

  • Satellite broadcasts are not covered by a licencing scheme and they can be recorded free of charge provide they are recorded for non-commercial purposes. Any such recording must not be offered for sale or hire or communicated from within Edinburgh Napier University to any person situated outside the University premises.  

Further copyright information, advice and guidance can be found in our LibGuides for Audiovisual copyright and Copyright issues for classes, or on Jisc Guides​.