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IT Inductions for Overseas Students


This page is for staff members responsible for helping overseas and other off campus students get started with Edinburgh Napier University's online services. 


It is aimed at teaching and administrative staff both at Edinburgh Napier University and overseas/off campus local staff. 


Please note:  some of the files on this page are available for Edinburgh Napier University staff only.  Staff accessing this documents out with the University will need to log in. 


What’s New for 2022-23

The main changes for 2022-23 are detailed below.  All changes have been incorporated into the IT Welcome Guide for Off Campus Students and associated PowerP​oint presentation

Due to changes to the Cyber Essentials accreditation, Professional Services colleagues will not be able to access any University data, or services that access University data from unmanaged devices - including personal phones, tablets, laptops and home computers. 

Professional Services staff must use a managed laptop, managed mobile device or the Virtual Desktop Service (VDS) to access any University data, or services that access University data.  This includes the Microsoft 365 apps (including MS Outlook and MS Teams) and Adobe CC.  

Further information can be found on the Cyber Essentials page.  If you have any queries please contact the IS Service Desk​

As of December 2021 Multi-Factor Authentication has been added for new students. Once they have set their password, students will be taken to the Security Info page on their Microsoft 365 account where they can register for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and the Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) service.  The text on the Welcome emails and Password Setup page has been updated to reflect this change, as has the Welcome Guide. 

You no longer need to provide the IS Service Desk with a list of student numbers for each induction. The Service Desk no longer need to check that the students have received the initial email as this is an automatic process. 

The Overseas Induction Information for Staff 2022-23​ guide provides further information about the changes as well as guidance on the procedure for Overseas IT Inductions and troubleshooting information.

There were also a number of changes last year – details of these can be found here: Overseas Induction Information for Staff 2021-22​​ 

The Introduction to Computing Services (IT Student Induction)


All new students whether on or off campus need to work through the Introduction to Computing Services (also known as the IT Student Induction), this ensures that they know how to access the University's IT services and where to go if they need further help and support.


Before the students start the IT Induction process they'll need:

  • Their Student (Matriculation) Number
  • Access to their personal email account to retrieve the "Registering with Edinburgh Napier University" email.
  • A suitable photo to upload for their student card, they can use a mobile device with a camera or have a photo ready to upload.


In order to complete the IT Induction the students will need to complete 5 steps:

  1. Set their Edinburgh Napier University password.
  2. Register for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and the Self-Service Password Reset Service (SSPR).
  3. Activate their Edinburgh Napier University email account.
  4. Work through the Moodle moduleIntroduction to Computing and Library for Off Campus Students.
  5. Upload their photo to the Photo Manager to create their digital Edinburgh Napier University student card.


Staff responsible for helping students log in to the Edinburgh Napier University's online services for the first time should ensure the students run through these steps.  The following document explains each step in detail, it can be printed and issued to students and also serves as a useful reference guide to staff:

IT Welcome Guide ​for Off Campus ​​Students

If required you can use the following PowerPoint slides to present the login instructions to students:

Overseas Induction Instruction​s​​ for​ Students

Frequently Asked Questions


Staff Preparation for the Start of Session


Q:  Is there anything else I need to do before the Induction starts?
Before the course starts you should contact the IS Service Desk and give them the following information:

  • The date and time of the inductions – this is so the IS Service Desk are aware of the Inductions and can deal with any problems/requests relating to the Induction as they come in.  Please note: we would advise you to schedule the IT Induction so it occurs during core IS Service Desk hours - although NorMAN provide us with 24/7 IS Service Desk and can deal with password queries, they cannot prioritise overseas support calls to the same level as the IS Service Desk can. Further information on IS Service Desk can be found on the Contact Us page.
  • A contact name, mobile number and email address of a staff member at the inductions – this is so the IS Service Desk can contact them if need be.

You are advised to have access to a list of the students’ matriculation numbers in case they don’t have access to these themselves:

  • You must ensure you adhere to the Information Security Policy and the Data Protection Code of Practice by encrypting this information or access the information using a secure method such as your managed laptop​ or the Virtual Desktop Service (VDS)
  • You must adhere to the above to avoid causing a data breach. The Data Protection Code of Practice on Security of Personal Data and related guidance can be found on the Governance Services Intranet pages
  • Please note: you do not need to send the matriculation numbers to the IS Service Desk.    


Q:  Can my colleagues overseas be given access to the University network?

A:  Contact the IS Service Desk to discuss further:​

Email: ISServiceDesk@napier.ac.uk
Telephone: ext. 3000 or (0044) (0)131 455 3000 from an external line. 


Logging in to the Online Services for the first time


Q: How do students set their passwords?

A: Full information on how students set their passwords can be found in the IT Welcome Sheet for Off C​amp​us Students.  Troubleshooting guidance can be found in the document below:

Overseas Induction Information for Staff 2022-23.pdf


Q: How do staff and students access My Napier off campus?

A:  My Napier can be accessed at: https://my.napier.ac.uk.

To access online services such as Moodle or Email you will need to click on My Account on the top right of the My Napier homepage.

When accessing online services out with the University staff and students will be prompted to log in using their University email address and password. 


Q:  One of my students is having difficulty completing the process - is there any basic troubleshooting I can do?

A:  A student may not be able to complete the process for any of the following reasons:





The student is unable to set their password​ ​ ​ If the student cannot find their “Registering with Edinburgh Napier University” email within their personal email account ​• Get them to manually search for emails from noreply@napier.ac.uk
• Get them to check their junk/spam email folder
• If the email still cannot be found contact IS Service Desk they can resend the email.
If the student has deleted the "Registering with Edinburgh Napier University" email​ Contact IS Service Desk, they can resend the email.
The password set was unsuccessful​ ​​Contact IS Service Desk - Students only have one opportunity to set their passwords via the link.
The student has already set their password but has forgotten it​ ​-
They should be able to reset their password via My Password​.
If not then
contact IS Service Desk - they can reset the student's password
​As the student types their new password on the “Getting Registered” screen the following error message appears : “Passwords do not match”:
This is a known issue, the message “Passwords do not match” will display (even if the passwords do match) until the student clicks “Submit”. ​ This error message will disappear once the student clicks "Submit" providing the passwords do actually match.

The student has only just been entered into SITS

The student's account has not been created.

The student needs to be added to SITS as a Matriculated student and enrolled into the correct modules.  This needs to be done by the Programme Administrator.  Once this has been done the student account will be automatically generated within 48 hours.

The student is able to log in to online services via My Napier but is not able to access the correct modules in Moodle

The student has either been entered into the incorrect module or the module leader has not entered any information into Moodle.

Contact the School Administrator to ensure the student has been added to the correct module.


Contact the Programme Leader to check whether information has been added into Moodle.


Q:  Who should I contact if any of my students have other login problems?
In the first instance contact IS Service Desk:

Email: ISServiceDesk@napier.ac.uk
Telephone: ext. 3000 or (0044) (0)131 455 3000 from an external line.

For details of the IS Service Desk opening hours go to the Contact Us Staff Intranet page


Q:  I have a large cohort of overseas students starting, is there anything I can do to minimise disruption as they log on for the first time?
Contact IS Service Desk to discuss your requirements and they may be able to offer some additional advice and support:

Email: ISServiceDesk@napier.ac.uk
Telephone: ext.​ 3000 or (0044) (0)131 455 3000 from an external line.


Help us to Help you...


If you have a question that it is not addressed here or if you have any comments, suggestions or would like to share your experiences in inducting overseas students please contact the IS Service Desk in the first instance.


This was page last updated on 24 August 2022