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The Napier Fund


The Napier Fund was launched in 2005 to provide a critical source of unrestricted funding for key University projects. Income raised through the Napier Fund complements the income received from government and other statutory bodies. To maximise our commitment to widening access and the enhancement of facilities, philanthropic giving is becoming ever more crucial to the University.


Alumni, friends and supporters of the University support the Napier Fund through a number of fundraising campaigns including the annual telephone campaign and mailed appeal.


Annual Telephone Fundraising Campaign


Each spring, a team of student callers come together to contact alumni in an effort to raise awareness of the Napier Fund. As well as raising vital funds, the campaign gives us a unique chance to speak with alumni on a one-to-one basis, and find out their views on developments at the University, as well as to gain their input on our growing alumni programme.


How are gifts spent?


The Napier Fund has enabled the University to launch the Student Grant Initiative, as well as to provide key funding for the Napier Scholars' Programme. Other projects that have received funding from the Napier Fund include the War Poets' Collection and Confident Futures.


Funds raised to date


To date, over £219,000 has been raised in unrestricted funds. Currently £25,000 a year is designated to the Student Grant Initiative.


For more information on the telephone campaign, or mailed appeal, please email Louisa Grotrian, or call her on ext 6244.