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School Resp​onsibilities


Colleag​ues in Schools have responsibility for the day to day administration of the external examiner system and the following document goes into detail about the exact responsibilities for the school.

  As a matter of course you should send out:                 

  • Programme Handbooks (if applicable)

  • Module descriptors

  • Assessment briefs/marking criteria

  • Approved exemptions to the University Regulations (if applicable)

The School should also:

  • Notify external examiners of the dates and times of the online Programme Assessment Boards as early as possible. 

  • Send out draft assessments to external examiners and ensure that comments received are considered.

  • Ensure that external examiners are provided with at least a square root sample of completed assessments.

  • Ensure that external examiners are kept informed throughout the year of proposed changes to modules and/or programmes.

  • Respond to any issues raised within the external examiners reports.

  • Liaise with the external examiners to make travel and accommodation arrangements as necessary, ensuring that the external examiners are aware of the University procedures to claim back any expenses incurred (though as Programme Assessment Boards are online, fewer external examiners visit the institution in person).

  • Make use of the checklist for schools below on the minimum information provided to external examiners to ensure a consistent experience for external examiners across the institution


Checklist for Schools on minimum information provided to EEs (Version 2.0).docx


Quality & Standards responsibilities

  • Reviewing and confirming the appointment to confirm that appropriate standards have been met.

  • Annualy updating the report template and setting the report deadline.

  • Producing an annual summary report of University level feedback from the reports.


​Induction should be organised jointly between DLTE (Quality and Standards) and School Support Service.