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Making Amendments to the External Examiner's Duties

The University database, SITS records the duties (module and programme responsibilities) formally contracted to an external examiner on the point of appointment. This information is obtained from the details provided on the appointment form (EE1), and it is used to determine the fee paid to the external examiner.

The external examiner must be informed of any changes which require:​

  • the fee payment to increase (see fee rates webpage for details);
  • a reallocation of duties, particularly those involving level 11 modules to the external examiner for the first time;
  • an extension to the period of appointment.

To change the duties of an external examiner, the School should:

  1. obtain confirmation from the examiner that they agree to the changes;
  2. notify Quality & Standards of the changes;
  3. issue a new appointment letter to the external examiner;​
  4. update SITS accordingly.

What if an external examiner retires from their academic post?

One of the functions of an external examiner is to comment on the comparability of the standard and level of student achievement at Edinburgh Napier University with those of other higher education institutions. Across the higher education sector it is accepted that currency issues can emerge two/three years after an individual retires from their institution. Consequently care must be taken to ensure that we do not continue to employ external examiners once they have been retired from their academic post for three or more years. An extension to an existing appointment cannot be agreed if during the appointment period the external will have been retired from their duties for more than three years.