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Procedure for external examiners' fee payments and expenses c​laims


Annual fee pa​yments

Your annual fee payment follows receipt by your School of your annual report. 


UK-based external exami​ners

  • If you are a UK-based external examiner, your fee payment is made net of statutory deductions for national insurance and tax to the bank account which you have nominated.

  • Payment is made via Payroll on the University's monthly paydate which is normally the last 28th day of the month.

  • The deadline for input of fee payments is a month in advance of the paydate.

  • To help ensure that your fee payments may be processed for inclusion in the payment schedule for that month. We need to receive your report in advance of the month deadline, which is usually the 10th of the month, otherwise your payment will be carried forward to the next month's paydate.

  • From April 2013 the University will have to send mandatory information to HMRC for anyone who receives a payment through payroll, before the University processes payroll for that month. In order to process payment, the information we hold about you needs to match the information that HMRC hold. If it doesn't, this could lead to all payments for everyone at the University being delayed, so it is important that you keep us informed of any changes to your personal details, including name and address.  

Non-UK based external examiners

  • Fee payments to non-UK based external examiners are made on receipt of a Foreign Payment Request (FIN 6) form found here within the Treasury and Transactions section.

  • Once you have submitted your report, you should email the completed FIN 6 form to your school contact.

  • The payment is processed by Edinburgh Napier University's Financial Services and paid into your bank account.


Expenses claims

The School with which you work is responsible for reimbursing any expenses incurred during the course of your external examining duties and will provide you with expenses claim forms.

You should submit your completed expenses claim to the School at the return address shown on the form, attaching original VAT receipts. Please note that debit or credit card receipts alone are not accepted.


If you have any queries about expenses claims or require an expenses claim form, please get in touch with your contact in the School.​