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​​Blended Learning: Guidance and Ca​se Studies​

This page provides guidance and example of Blended Learning and how best to approach it in your teaching and support of student learning. 

The Blended Learning Short Life Working Group, led by DLTE and comprising members from across the university, developed an evidence-led approach to sustained integration of digital education for the years following emergency remote teaching required during the pandemic. The group established the Edinburgh Napier Blended Learning Taxonomy and the Principles of Blended Learning, both of which aim to provide a common language and ethos, while recognising the uniqueness of disciplinary knowledge, academic autonomy and individual student's needs.

The Blended Learning Taxon​omy

The Blended Learning Taxonomy (below) aims to:

  1. clarify the main terms we use in blended learning in Edinburgh Napier University
  2. map teaching and learning activities to on-campus/online and synchronous/asynchronous places and times
  3. balance student choice and flexibility with staff workload
  4. allow for temporary and planned circumstances where students need flexible options

Blended Learning Taxonomy slide 1. Detailed text is in the Powerpoint file linked above. 

Principles of Blended Lea​rning

Following from the taxonomy, the following principles​ were established, which are elaborated on in the file below:

1. Evaluate feedback from your students
2. Minding our language: some definitions
3. “Actually, we’ve been doing blended learning for years”
4. Work with colleagues and programme teams
5. Share your pedagogy with students
6. Making on-campus experiences welcoming and meaningful
7. Use digital modes for what works best online
8. Inclusive and equitable teaching
9. Approach hybrid and flexible options with caution
10. When one size does not fit all

Blended Learning Case S​tudies

DTLE employed an external consultant, Vid Boyd, to collect case studies of a how Edinburgh Napier academic staff were implementing blended learning in their teaching. A staff survey was carried out, followed by interviews with members of staff on their approaches to blended learning. Supplementary interviews were also conducted by DLTE lecturer Dr Imi Dencer-Brown. The result is a suite of case studies which can be dipped into for inspiration and practical advice. 

[placeholder for links to html pages and PDF download of case studies]

For further information about any of the above activities or resources, please contact Dr Louise Drumm (DLTE) l.drumm@napier.ac.uk

For further support on implementing digital learning technologies in your teaching, contact the Learning Technology Support are based in Information Services who provide a wide range of practical advice, support and training on any aspect of technology enhanced learning. Please find their contact details on the Help and Support page. For further details, supporting resources and guides about the range of learning technologies supported by the University, please visit the Learning Technology Hub​.