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Courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.netRecords Management: Documentation  and Guidance





Records Management Policy

The University recognises that the efficient management of its records is necessary in order to support its core functions, to comply with its legal and regulatory obligations and to enable the effective management of the institution


Download the policy


Working from home - disposal of confidential document guidance

As most of us are currently working from home during the COVID19 pandemic, we have prepared some guidance in case you are wondering what you're supposed to do with any confidential waste that you may have:


Records management principles

Changes in record-keeping legislation have necessitated a greater awareness of the importance of records management within the University. This document explains what the University's record-keeping principles are and why we need them.


Download the guidance note


Courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.netRecords management good practice

This document highlights the importance of records management and what members of staff need to be aware of when creating and managing records.


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What is and what is not a confidential record

This document outlines the types of records which would be classes as confidential and would require additional special attention with regards access, storage and destruction.


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Naming conventions for documents and folders

This document sets out advice and guidance for creating consistent procedures for the naming of folders and documents and is intended to provide a common set of rules to apply to the naming of paper and electronic records


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Courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.netScanning records

The following guidance highlights the advantages and disadvantages of scanning and provides a checklist for any School or Professional Service area considering scanning as a records management solution 


Download the guidance note


Records which may be routinely destroyed

There are steps that everyone can take with their own files to reduce them in size to make them more manageable.  The following guidance outlines the types of records which may be routinely destroyed.


Download the guidance note


Guidance on the Safe Disposal of Confidential Waste

The Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act impose specific requirements about the timely and secure disposal of information, both paper and electronic. This guidance note sets out what you need to know.


Guidance can be found here.


Records Management Physical File Coversheet

The file coversheet can be used by staff to manage their paper records and to ensure that adequate information is captured regarding the title, reference, retention and disposal requirements of the records.  The sheet can be attached to a ring binder, loose-leaf file or some other form of file holder


Download the coversheet


Leaving the University?

Please ensure that University information and records are moved from personal storage areas like the H:Drive, C:Drive (Desktop), MySite (SharePoint), Outlook, email archives, portable devices, personal computers, personal cloud storage, etc. into the University's shared network area (S:Drive and team SharePoint areas) where the appropriate colleagues can access them after you leave. Further information and FAQs are available in the guidance note below:


Download the guidance note for leavers